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Key Points for Sellers

Key Points to Selling a Property

Selling your home can be a daunting prospect. But it doesn't have to be that way if you follow our simple guide to dressing your property with style. When you put your home up for sale you are not just selling the property, but also the lifestyle that comes with it. If you thoughtfully dress your home, you can clearly demonstrate to potential purchasers exactly how they could live.

If your home has an attractive feature, arrange furniture around this important element to draw the eye of prospective buyers. A stylish, well appointed interior attracts attention and eager buyers, more importantly,  it gives sellers a better chance of achieving their optimum sale price in the shortest time.

DON'T BUILD BARRIERS: Its important that your furniture arrangement allows easy movement through your rooms. Make sure chairs and tables don't obstruct and always leave room for access.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Don't overcrowd your home with personal treasures. Collectable items and photographs should be stored away if you don't have room for them. Clear the clutter from your mantelpiece and make sure every item counts. Remember, families are looking for their new home, so you need to remove your personal stamp from it. If you have a focal point in a room, make it stand out. If your living room has an attractive fireplace, arrange artwork and furniture around this important element to draw the eye of prospective buyers.

DON'T HUG THE WALLS: Furniture arrangement is key, so avoid arranging chairs, sofas and tables around the perimeter of the room. Opt for smaller conversational groupings instead and pull pieces into the center of the room for a warmer, more comfortable feeling.

KITCHEN MAKEOVER: Many sellers underestimate the importance of the kitchen in adding value. If your kitchen is dated, simple improvements like painting units or replacing door handles can dramatically revitalize the design.